Do you catch yourself often saying or thinking “If you can’t see it, you ain’t gotta worry”? Well, that quote should never be applied when it comes to food! The worst thing you could do to your body is to feed it bad food. Very often, people believe that taking out the clean part of food that has gone bad is safe to consume. Mouldy bread is the most common example of such instances.

If there is mould on just on a tiny part of the bread, generally people cut that part out and use the rest of the piece. This decision could be hazardous to health. Mould is a kind of fungus that grows like a mushroom. You can only see the tip of the cap, but there is a vast channel of roots underneath. Even though this is not obviously visible, you need to toss it out right away. The whole piece of bread is just as infected as the mouldy part.

This doesn’t stop here. The next idea would be to use another bread slice from the same loaf which has no mould on it. But guess what? That’s infected too. The mould releases thousands of spores that enter and spoil the whole loaf. It, again, may not be visible to the eyes. But that does not mean it isn’t there. So the next time you think of eating a ‘clean’ part of a mouldy bread, just don’t. TBH, there is no such thing as an edible part or safe part in a mouldy bread or any kind of food.

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