13 Rock Songs That Will Make You Headbang Subconsciously

Team Interns , 06 Dec 2018

Rock music lovers belong to a whole different community. We, the members of the said community, bond instantly with anyone and everyone who shares the same interest. The fist-bumping anthems, headbanging tunes, and high-pitched sing along lyrics stand out from every other music genre. While there is a never-ending list of rock songs that have attained the title of ‘Classics’, we’ve chosen 13 of our favourite rock numbers, in no specific order, that are bound to make you headbang every single time you listen to them. Check ’em out.

1. Smells Like Teen Spirit By Nirvana

2. We Will Rock You By Queen

3. Raining Blood By Slayer

4. Zombie By The Cranberries

5. Master Of Puppets By Metallica

6. Pour Some Sugar On Me By Def Leppard

7. Chop Suey By System Of A Down

8. Numb By Linkin Park

9. Whilpash By Metallica

10. Sweet Child O’ Mine By Guns & Roses

11. In The End By Linkin Park

12. The Pursuit Of Vikings By Amon Amarth

13. Nothing Else Matters By Metallica

Now you know which tracks to play on loop when you’re in the mood for some great rock music (You’re welcome!).  Go turn up the radio, blast the stereo now, geddit?

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