Tis the season of joy, jingles and all things pretty, it’s Christmas time! And when it is Christmas, we all like to go a little extra and live up the festive mood through everything we do. Be it gorging on plum cakes, wearing the mandatory Santa hat at any given time and occasion, or shaking a leg to Christmas-y songs—we’re doing it all and loving every bit of it. And what’s better than watching a movie on a cold, lit-up night with your loved ones? Watching a Christmas movie, duh! To make sure you don’t waste your time shuffling through hundreds of movies, here are some of our fave Christmas movies that you should be watching this festive season, in no specific order.

1. The Holiday

Some things are just meant to be and this movie will give you all the feels about it! Starring Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet, this movie is about two women from different countries who swap homes in the holidays to get away from their relationship issues and end up with the best finds!

2. The Princess Switch

Vanessa Hudgens wins your heart in this movie too, but twice. She is a soon-to-be princess and has a lookalike who is a baker. One week before Christmas they decide to switch places and things take its course from there.

3. The Christmas Wedding Planner

What happens when a wedding planner meets an irresistibly handsome private investigator while planning a wedding for her cousin? Things go upside down and how!

4. Love Actually

Living in London, eight couples struggle with their relationships in different ways. Each story travels a new spectrum about love and all that comes with it.

5. Home Alone

This movie has been a childhood favourite for so many of us. When eight-year-old Kevin gets left behind accidentally while his family leaves for a vacation on France, it looks like a party is about to get started. But that soon turns into a scary yet funny scenario when some burglars try to fool a kid with a house all to himself.

6. A Christmas Story

A young boy’s Christmas wish is to get a ‘Red Ryder Air Rifle’. With a cranky father, a caring mother and a bully to deal, live and dodge— this young lad is trying to make it to Christmas sanely.

7. Elf

A man who was raised in the North pole by the elves believed to be an elf himself all this while. So when the news finally breaks to him that he is a human, he leaves for New York to find his biological father. An exciting journey, for sure!
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