14 Psychological Thriller Movies That Will Twist Your Mind And How

Suruchi Patwary

Movies are tricky, you know it’s fake yet it makes you believe in it. You get emotionally invested if it’s a good movie. Among all the genres, the one that can grab your mind and twist it strongly is a psychological thriller. As the name itself says, it deals with human psychology and plays with it. And when it’s a thriller this way, you’re in for a ride my friend! TBH, I am heavily inclined towards movies of this genre and have watched tons of them. But, I am always frantically searching for a new one to watch, that is how hooked you get once you fall into its trap. So, if you wish to sail in the same boat as me, here are some psychological thriller movies, in no particular order, that you should defs watch!

1. Shutter Island

Needs your full attention as it gets extremely confusing. Don’t try predicting what is gonna happen next, because it won’t happen next!

2. Memento

Let me stop you right there before you compare it with Ghajini, just don’t! You’ll be thankful you watched this one.

3. Psycho

No less than a masterpiece, you will be shocked this one comes from 1960. They don’t make movies like this anymore, no?

4. Seven

Made in the ’90s, stars Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman as detectives! A serial killer on the run who is following a pattern of killing on the basis of seven deadly sins. Need we say more?

5. The Shining

While Jack loses his sanity, so do you! One of the many dark and ever questioning movies of Stanley Kubrick.

6. The Machinist

We’ve heard about Christian Bale‘s extreme transformation for this film, but that’s not all that it has in store for you!

7. Black Swan

The journey of two ballerinas with different personalities, wanting the same thing at the same time. Just mind-blowing!

8. American Psycho

As the name suggests, this American psycho has some illogical fantasies that take over him in a gruesome manner.

9. Prestige

A tale of sabotage, illusions and period drama. Christopher Nolan knows how to make his magic work!

10. The Silence Of The Lambs

An excellent psychiatrist who is a violent psychopath! An intriguing story of what goes on when he is put behind the bars but his terror remains unchained.

11. Vertigo

Another one coming from 1958, you’ll become a fan of Hitchcock if you haven’t watched any of his masterpieces yet!

12. Gone Girl

What happens when you present a happy marriage to the public and your wife goes missing on the 5th anniversary, leaving you in a pool of media frenzy? Watch and know!

13. Fight Club

The most important rule of fight club is you do not talk about fight club. The trailer speaks for itself, TBH!

14. Donnie Darko

An awkward teenager who has an imaginary friend, how wrong could it really go? Well, a whole lotta wrong!
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