Talk about the struggles of being a woman and the first one that comes to most of our minds is periods! You may also call it chums, the red tide or aunt flow. Sometimes, we are so grateful for them to have arrived, but most of the times its just discomfort, pain, and irritation. A few of us are blessed to have no-pain periods, but most of us suffer mild to severe cramps every single time we get our periods. While it may get the better of us, there are a lot of ways and hacks to reduce the pain. Here, we talk about the easiest home remedies to fight period pain and cramps.

1. Exercise

This may not sound like a comfortable or doable idea but it sure does work. The easiest home remedy cum hack to save yourself from the wrath of menstrual cramps is exercise. You don’t have to do a hardcore workout, just brisk walking or basic warmup will help you too. So if you’re prone to period pain, you should make a habit of exercising at least thrice a week.

2. Apply Heat

This is a remedy coming from the ‘grandma club’! Another super easy and quick suppressant which works well. Applying heat to the abdomen and lower back can help reduce the pain to an extent. You can use a hot water bag/bottle, a hotel towel, a heating pad or if you can’t find any of these, just take a warm bath and you’ll be relieved of pain. But make sure you don’t use it at a regular interval and it’s always best to consult your doctor before doing so.

3. Massage With Sesame Oil

You could use sesame oil or essential oils to help soothe the inflammation and menstrual cramps. Massage for a good 20 minutes with a light hand and you’ll feel the difference almost instantly. Plus, when is it ever a bad time for a massage?

4. An Orgasm

The orgasm is an internal process which links to your spinal cord too, releasing endorphins (which are basically feel-good hormones). It helps to relax your muscles and contractions. Plus, you get to have a good sleep which helps your mind to forget about the pain.

5. Ginger And Black Pepper Tea

Use dried ginger and black pepper, some sugar if you like and avoid milk completely to make a cup of comfort for yourself. Ginger is a great menstrual cramp fighter, TBH!

6. Avoiding Certain Foods

Your body during menstruation already deals with bloating and water retention, so it is best to avoid foods that cause this. These include fatty and salty foods (bye pizza and fries), sodas, alcohol, and caffeine. The sacrifice is worth the comfort.

7. Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek seeds help in many ways as we know, but they also help you reduce the period pain. All you have to do is soak it in water for roughly 12 hours and drink it up. Easy right?

8. Drink Lots Of Water

Okay, we know you hear this almost every day from someone, but there is a reason why everybody believes in it so much! Drinking lots of water help you in making up for all the water retention happening during menstruation.
Apart from these, there are more such suggestions that our very own Girl Tribe members have shared. Eating nuts after your periods get over till you get them again the next time can help with the cramps. Eating dark chocolate was also suggested by a lot of the lovely ladies. Soaking black raisins in half glass of water overnight and having the raisins along with the water on an empty stomach the next morning too works well. Also, a lot of them suggested switching to jaggery from sugar to ease the pain. Coconut water also helps in cooling down your tummy during your periods as well as on the regular days.
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