Here’s What Janhvi Kapoor Has To Say About Dating Akshat Rajan

Jahnavi Patel , 04 Jan 2019

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When you are a celebrity, everyone is very curious to know almost everything about you. Apart from the movies and roles, the fans also want to know about their personal life. So there are hardly any times when the stars are not followed by the paparazzi. This situation applies to all the B-town celebs including Janhvi Kapoor. We have often seen pictures when she has been out for dinner with her friends and family. One person who we have often seen photographed with her is Akshat Rajan. Because of which, there were rumours about Janhvi dating Akshat. But looks like that isn’t true at all. Recently, on Famously Filmfare, Janhvi finally reacted to those rumours.
Janhvi revealed that because of the rumours about them dating, her childhood best friend is now so scared to hang out with her and being papped together. She also shared one more incident saying, “That day, he came home for dad’s birthday and there were paps downstairs at Arjun bhaiya’s house, and he was hiding in a khopcha, put on a hoodie and all, and left. I was like, it’s okay“.
Janhvi also spoke about how her parents, Boney Kapoor and Sridevi would get ‘over dramatic’ when she spoke about dating. They would tell her that if she liked any boy, she should just come and tell them and they will get her married. When she then said that she doesn’t need to get married to every guy she likes, she can be chill too, her mom would be like “Chill? What does that even mean?
Now, this is a situation every girl in her mid-20s will be able to relate to, hai na? The only difference is they are not followed by the photographers around.

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