8 Fitness Instagrammers You Should Follow For Some Daily Inspo

8 Fitness Instagrammers You Should Follow For Some Daily Inspo

Karishma Govil
Yasmin Karachiwala (Source: Youtube | Be Fit With Yasmin Karachiwala)
Yasmin Karachiwala (Source: Youtube | Be Fit With Yasmin Karachiwala)

It’s been over 10 days of 2019, and most of us are trying our best to get fit (well, most of us)! Some people don’t need January to start hitting the gym or start eating healthy. But a lot of us need that extra motivation to get ourselves to workout. There are a lot of ways to get inspired like reading a book, listening to pumping music or watching videos on Youtube. Today, we’re listing down a few fitness enthusiasts on Instagram who’ll inspire you to stay healthy all throughout the year, so scroll down for them!

1. Natasha Noel

Natasha Noel is a trained yogini and an inspiration to many. She’s also a motivational speaker who talks about mental health and life transformations.

2. Namrata Purohit

Namrata is a celebrity Pilates instructor who trains Varun Dhawan and Sara Ali Khan. Her Insta feed will give you all sorts of fitness goals, for sure!

3. The Fitness Cholos

She’s a medical student by profession but a fitness enthusiast by passion. Her body transformation is commendable and she even shares healthy recipes and workouts on Instagram.

4. Anshuka Parwani

Anshuka is a celebrity yoga instructor who also shares asanas and aerial yoga postures that’ll make you want to join her classes.

5. Shivoham

From DJ Frankie in Kal Ho Na Ho, to becoming a Crossfit icon is quite a journey, isn’t it? Shivoham is now a celebrity cross-functional trainer who believes that there are no shortcuts to a healthy lifestyle. His Instagram is loaded with motivational videos and posts that will make you want to take the healthy route.

6. Rashi Chowdhary

She is a Dubai-based nutritionist who constantly gives tips on what one should eat and what one should avoid on her profile.

7. Yasmin Karachiwala

Yasmin is the founder of Body Image, a fitness studio where a bunch of certified trainers help clients and celebrities to achieve their fitness goals with the help of gym equipment and Pilates.

8. Prashant Sawant

This celebrity instructor trains Alia Bhatt, Abhishek Bachchan, Ajay Devgn and Shah Rukh Khan. His Instagram feed will provide tips on what you should eat and different workouts too.
If they don’t inspire you to live a healthier lifestyle, we don’t know what will. Let’s try and get off our couches and workout and eat healthier this year!
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