Both TV watchers and non-TV watchers alike would know Smriti Irani as the Optimus Prime Bahu in one of the longest running shows on Indian Television called Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. If the theme song didn’t play in your head right now, are you even Indian?
Anyway, while she might be most popularly known as Tulsi from KSBKBT, she is currently a known face in politics as well. She has held multiple prestigious positions as Minister of Human Resource Development, Minister of Textiles and Minister Of Information and Broadcasting. While all this might look uber-cool on her resume, what caught my eye, was her Instagram handle. I mean, you don’t judge a book by its cover, but you can judge a person by their Instagram, right? If you don’t, are you even a millennial, bro? So, there I was scrolling through Instagram and Mrs. Irani’s handle caught my attention and I couldn’t help but keep scrolling through her profile. She is by far one person who knows how to make fun of herself and she’s super relatable too. Her captions are all savage and mostly directed at herself because self-deprecation is the best kind of humour, no? And turns out she’s a meme-lover too! Don’t believe me?

Check it out:

Make fun of yourself before someone else does, right?

C’mon, she just turned this totally candid couple picture into a meme. Can she get any more, #CoolAunty?

When she was relatable AF about couples talking on phones. 100 points for relatability.

When she gave her TV fans a TBT in a TBT.

When she had appropriately summed up all our feelings while we were waiting for the #DeepVeer wedding pictures.

Hands down best Karvachauth wish ever. (Don’t miss out the last line)

She totally knows how to laugh at internet memes on her.

Forget the internet trolls, Smriti Irani trolls herself in the best way possible.

Great wordplay by Tulsi

Tulsi is killin’ it and how!  Somebody give this woman thug life shades and some background music already.