Amyra Dastur

Amyra Dastur is one of the most beautiful actresses in Bollywood. She made her debut with Issaq and in the short span of her career has also managed to work with International superstar, Jackie Chan in Kung Fu Yoga. Besides her acting skills, Amyra also impresses her fans with her fashion choices and of course her fitness. She usually shares sneak peeks of her workout on her Instagram feed and because they usually give everyone major inspo, I had to know the secret behind the actress’ fitness.


When asked about dieting she said:

I tried the whole diet regime but couldn’t keep it up because of my radical shooting schedules and travelling. I just don’t eat bread unless it’s Gluten Free, NO Rice at all (switched from rice to quinoa) and absolutely no dairy in my diet. I drink coffee with soy or almond milk or milk powder. No cheese unless it’s cashew cheese and I’ve switched from sugar to honey.

Talking about her meal plan she disclosed:

My breakfast is a three egg-white omelette with tomato, coriander, garlic & carrots with a slice of gluten free bread. Lunch and dinner are usually the same – 3 veggie dishes made in ghee (very little) + Dal + grilled chicken or fish. During the day I snack on fruits which have a high water content like watermelon, grapes, oranges and some dry fruits when I’m in the mood for something crunchy.

But like all of us, she also has her cheat days!

My cheat day is usually Sunday where I go crazy with pizza for breakfast, KFC for lunch & risotto or Pasta for dinner.I am a procrastinator by nature and can’t stick to a gym routine but here’s a treat for all of you who can! Amyra revealed her fitness regime to us.

Check it out:

Monday/Wednesday & Friday:

10 am – 11:30 am is my gymnastics and flexibility training class at home.Tuesday/Thursday & Saturday is the gym from 11 am – 12:30 pm. Here it’s mostly weight training with 10-15 minutes of cardio (treadmill or stair master) as a warm-up. 3 times a week in the afternoon I have a 2-hour dance class whenever my teacher and I have time free. Sometimes it’s 3 days in a row or alternate days but 3 times a week is fixed. On Sunday mornings, I love going for a run from the beginning of Nariman Point through the marine drive and straight to my apartment. I cab it to Nariman Point and get home on my own two legs either running or jogging. 

The actress also has a favourite routine that she swears by:

I’ve always wanted a nice toned butt and all I did was squats and deadlifts for 3 months while doing my lower body workout.

3 sets of Squats, 20 reps per set & the same for dead lifts. My butt went from a 34 to a 38 in 3 months!!! Now, I just maintain it but it really did work for me. Just squat till you drop I guess!

There you go, my friends. Now, you know the secret behind Amyra’s fit body. All you have to do is use this as motivation and get working on your fitness!*We strongly recommend you to seek professional advice subjective to your specific fitness goals and requirement.