Couple Grocery Shopping (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)
Couple Grocery Shopping (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)

One of the happiest and most important days of a person’s life is the wedding day, don’t you agree? Tying the knot with someone you love and sharing that experience with your dear ones is an amazing feeling. But once you’re officially married, things are very different for both, the husband and wife. A lot changes once a couple is finally hitched and here are a few things only the newlywed couples will be able to relate to. Here they are:

1. Getting Used To Presents

Yep, get used to receiving a lot of gifts from relatives and friends. But also remember that these gifts won’t be specifically for you but both of you as a couple. Meh! Get ready for a tonne of candles, crockery sets, toasters, wine bottles (thank God for that!) and towel sets.

2. Endless Dinners

Get ready to be invited to a million dinners your loved ones will host to celebrate your wedding. Every day for a while, these dinners will take up most of your evenings.

3. Home Decor & Grocery Shopping

Instead of shopping for clothes and shoes, you’ll now be shopping for pots, pans, cutlery and sabzi.

4. Referring To Each Other As “Husband” & “Wife”

You won’t get used to it immediately. It’ll take you a while to call you SO ‘husband’ or ‘wife’ without finding it funny.

5. Getting ‘Wedding Wise’

You’ll constantly find yourself starting your sentences with “You know when you get married…”. You will start giving advice to every other newlywed couple, as if you’ve been married for 10 years.

6. Sharing The Load

Both of you might be very comfortable and pampered by your parents. So, adulting, especially as a couple, will take a while to get used to. Filling water bottles at home, washing clothes, making your own cuppa chai and cooking food sometimes will start as soon as you move in together.

7. Answering The Age-Old Question “So, How’s Married Life Going?”

Ugh, this can get really annoying. At first, you will answer politely. But, by the 20th time, you’ll shamelessly say “It’s the same!”

8. It Will Suddenly Hit You

A few days into the marriage, you’ll suddenly wake up and realise you’re married. Of course, you know you are, but it’ll randomly hit you that you’re MARRIED! Aaaah!

9. You’ll Let Go Of Your Diet

If you’ve been watching your diet before the wedding, you’ll suddenly find yourself digging your face into a chocolate cake or your favourite fried chicken!

10. Fights Are Different Now

You will fight with your SO, sure. But these fights won’t be about things you’d fought on before. Instead, they will be adult, home-related fights. And making up is different too. Now that you live together, there’s no escape. You can’t dramatically get out of the car, shut the car door and walk off. You have to fall asleep next to this person so it could get pretty awkward.

11. You’ll Constantly Find New Excuses To Tell People That You Don’t Want A Baby RN

Every single uncle and aunty will ask you the question that’ll make you fake-smile. The infamous—”When are you giving us the good news?” is something every newlywed couple is tired of hearing. Both of you will collectively come up with excuses to avoid this conversation if you’re not planning a baby anytime soon.
Are you a newlywed couple? If you’re not but are getting married soon, these are things to look out for once you do! Tell us your experiences in the comments below.
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