The #10YearChallenge has taken the internet by storm! From celebrities to puppies, the challenge has spread like wildfire. While it initially started out as a transformation kinda challenge, the netizens were not afraid to add their humorous touch to it. The challenge soon turned into memes that were just too funny to just scroll past. While we’re loving all the #10YearChallenge posts doing rounds on the internet, you know we can’t help but share with you the ones that will leave you in splits.

1. Am I mean if I laugh?

2. Is he even real?

3. Too soon for y’all, relax!

4. Curvilicious, no?

5. Sinking in, deeper.

6. Been searching for that cash for quite some time now.

7. Glow up, kiddos!

8. You’re acing it, brother 🙂

9. Baby, you still attractive AF!

10. Umm, wait what?

We had one hell of a time scrolling through these hilarious memes and can’t wait to see what comes next. They are honestly making our day. Which one of these memes was your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.Don’t forget to follow us at @missmalinilifestyle to never miss a beat!