10 Reasons You Should Be Proud You Don't Smoke

Karishma Govil , 17 Jan 2019
Non-Smoker (Image Courtesy Shutterstock)
Non-Smoker (Image Courtesy Shutterstock)

Every year, all of us make resolutions of getting or staying fit. Especially after the holidays where we eat and drink to our heart’s content. Everyone who binges needs a detox. But there is one vice that needs a life-long detox. That toxic addiction is—smoking. Everyone is aware of the harmful consequences it has on our health and well-being, but we’re here to appreciate the ones who don’t smoke. Their bodies are healthy and their mind is active. So non-smokers, here are a few reasons why you’re living the good life.

1. You Can Actually Taste Your Food

Did you know that smoking makes the taste buds less sensitive? Making smokers unable to completely enjoy their food.

2. Your Lungs Are Healthy

The most commonly known damage cigarettes do, is to the lungs. People who stay away from this vice live with healthier lungs.

3. You Have Great Stamina

Smokers have relatively bad stamina as compared to people who don’t smoke. Obvio, ’cause of your lungs are nice and clean!

4. You Enjoy Life Without Being Surrounded By Smoke

Imagine always being surrounded by smoke?! Eeek! #NoFilter

5. Your Clothes Smell Only Of Perfume

These guys perpetually smell of ash. Thank God, all you smell of is perfume!

6. You Don’t Need A Cigarette To Control Your ‘Morning Rituals’

Every addict needs that 1st cigarette of the day for smooth bowel movements. Aren’t you happy you need no such thing?

7. You Save Money!

Cigarettes cost around Rs. 3,000/- a carton and an average smoker consumes at least 2 cartons in a month. Just think about how much you are entitled to shop with this money that you don’t waste on cigarettes.

8. You’re Not Addicted (To Cigarettes)

One should never be consumed by addictions. And one of the worst kind is that of tobacco. At least your life doesn’t revolve around this habit.

9. Your Lips Won’t Turn Black

Have you ever noticed a smoker’s lips and teeth? Trust me, you’re good without a stained mouth.

10. Your Chances Of Burning Holes In Clothes Is Minimum

A cigarette burn causes holes in clothes. What if it happened to be your favourite outfit? Yikes! You won’t be a victim to it, phew.
Smokers, is the FOMO creeping in? It’s time you quit this disgusting habit for a better, longer and holistic life!
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