10 Powerful Statements Made By Kangana Ranaut About Women Empowerment, #MeToo & More

Priyanka Parmar , 21 Jan 2019
Kangana Ranaut
Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut is one of Bollywood’s most talented actresses and has made her place in the industry with strong on-screen characters. Not just that, she is also known for taking up social causes and speaking her mind without any qualms. The actress may have gone through many personal struggles but has never let any of those bring her down. Kangana overcame everything that once held her back and fearlessly spoke about it in public too. It is this fierce side of hers that makes her an icon, someone that young and impressionable girls and women can look up to.
She isn’t one to mince her words and whether or not she intends to, she has inspired the people around her with everything she does. Kangana was a guest  on the latest episode of Malini’s Girl Tribe where she spoke about Manikarnika#MeToo and girl power. She made some noteworthy observations and her statements as usual made everyone sit up and listen.

So, here are 10 powerful statements made by Kangana Ranaut:

1. I think that this is the best time, so far in the history of the world for women.
 2. My opinion, my digital self or my identity online, it doesn’t really matter. I can have an identity of any gender, you know, sort of have a genderless identity. That voice is a voice.
3. I think when people express their opinion about whatever it may be, I just feel that it doesn’t need to get into any sort of aggressive trolling! Because now when people share their stories, they get trolled.
4. Trolling women in the name of women empowerment is such a juxtaposition.
5. To begin with, your safety is your responsibility. When you want to say no. Say no. If you can’t, then find someone you can confide in.
6. A woman needs to have a voice. You cannot teach a young girl that the society is responsible for your safety.
7. If you can crucify Gods. What would they do to women? You need to be realistic about how the dynamics of negativity function.
8. Go by your instincts, be the fierce person that you are. Fight for your rights, you are never going to get what you think you deserve. 
9. Women don’t need to be empowered. Just don’t test them or come in the way of how they should be living their lives. Just don’t suppress them.
10. The entire human race has survived because of women. Don’t try to help them just help yourself and let them be.
I can’t help but agree with Kangana when she says women inherently don’t need anyone to preach empowerment to them. Everyone needs to let them be without any suppression.

You can watch the full video below:

What are your thoughts on the same?

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