Anusha Dandekar Just Slammed A Troll That Questioned Her For Posting Pictures From The #Nickyanka Wedding

Pallavi Manoj , 24 Jan 2019

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas may have tied the knot last month, but a lot of wedding pictures from the multiple ceremonies they had, have surfaced on social media in the past few days. They’re undoubtedly gorgeous and most of the internet seems to agree. Naturally, Priyanka‘s near and dear ones who attended the wedding also took to Instagram to post pictures from the 4-day event. One such person was Anusha Dandekar, one of Priyanka’s really good friends from the industry. She posted a picture of her boyfriend Karan Kundra and her posing with the newly-weds with many other pictures from the grand wedding. She even compared #Nickyanka’s love story to a fairytale and we can’t help but agree!

Check it out:

Cute, no?
But, a troller decided to take a shot and question Anusha as to why everyone was posting pictures from this wedding almost a month after it was done. To this, the reality TV show host had the best reply. No really, she had one of the sanest replies that will involuntarily make you LOL a little.

Take a look:

Comment on Anusha Dandekar's Instagram post (Source: @vjanusha)
Comment on Anusha Dandekar’s Instagram post (Source: @vjanusha)

I enjoyed a good giggle over this and I hope you do too. People who think these wedding pictures are unnecessarily floating around, please kindly scroll past them.
Much love,
Lover of beautiful wedding pictures.

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