9 Things You Can Do To Help Someone Who Is Dealing With PMS

Karishma Govil , 07 Feb 2019
Dealing with PMS
Man Hugging Sad Woman (Image Source: www.shutterstock.com)

Every woman goes through Premenstrual Syndrome each month and the effects of it vary depending on the person. Each body is different and hence, the intensity of this syndrome can differ. Some don’t feel much pain and barely go through any discomfort, while others want to kill someone during this time. The most common symptoms of dealing with PMS are bloating, mood swings, fatigue and irritability. Yes, it isn’t fair that only women have to go through it, and some of them have to go through hell for those 5 odd days of their period plus the PMS that kicks in about a week before the period cycle, every single month. But it is what it is, and we have to deal with it. Hormones are all over the place and while this is something that only goes on for a few days, a woman could use all the support and love she can when she’s dealing with PMS followed by her period. To help a lady out, here are a few things you could do in order to support her when the PMS kicks in.

1. Don’t make her feel like she’s using it as an excuse

A lot of people don’t understand the pain and the gamut of emotions a woman goes through when she goes through PMS. Because of that, sometimes, people think women use PMS as an excuse for their rage. Telling her or portraying that you believe this, is wrong on so many levels and this is something you need to stop right away. You need to understand the severity of the symptoms and be there for her instead.

2. Ask her if she needs anything

Be there for her and make sure you help her out with her daily chores. Let her take the back seat for a while and you do all the work around instead.

3. Give her space when she needs it

Some people want to be left alone for a while so they can just do their own thing without being bothered. If she communicates that to you, tell her you’re around if she needs you and give her some space.

Man Supporting A Woman (Image Source: www.shutterstock.com)
Man Supporting A Woman (Image Source: www.shutterstock.com)

4. Understand when her emotions are haywire

She will go through some serious mood swings during this time so you need to understand that and just let things go. Give her the benefit of the doubt as she doesn’t mean to behave this way.

5. Pamper her

Cook for her, order her some chocolate cake and give her a warm hug. That ought to make her feel better.

6. Don’t joke about dealing with PMS

PMS is serious and joking about it will definitely hurt her feelings and that’s the last thing you need to do.

Date (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)
Date (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)

7. Keep a track of her cycle

This will give you a heads-up of her PMS and that way, you’ll be prepared.

8. Learn more about PMS

Do your research. Find out what are the dos and don’ts and what a person can eat that’ll comfort them so you can help her out with it.

9. Hear her out

Just listen! Listen to her vent about how she feels. This really helps a person cope with PMS.

It’s actually that simple and believe us, it’ll really show you care. Just stick with her and show her some TLC, that should be enough for her.

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