We all have days where everything around us feels like it’s crumbling. It could be deadlines at work that are taking a toll on you lately, or it could be something in your personal life that you just cannot stop worrying about. Such situations could lead you to feel dull, weak, distracted and low. While it’s only human to feel this way once in a while, it is also necessary to understand what makes you feel better during such situations. For some, it could be eating a soulful dessert while for others it could be going on a run. But if you’re someone who hasn’t found their go-to solution yet or are looking for more options, these 7 calming apps will help you relax, focus and much more.

1. Focus Wheel

The focus wheel app works wonders when you want to transform your vibrational alignment from negative to positive, irrespective of the subject. It could be related to your relationships, finances, or even a bodily condition. In simpler words, it helps you feel better about anything that bothers you.

User Review By Krines77

This is the best tool for all deliberate creators, it has helped me immensely. It functions flawlessly and allows the inspiration to use it, be a pleasant experience. I highly recommend this tool and other tools prescribed by Abraham Hicks, this can change your life when used correctly! Thank you for making such a wonderful app.

2. Insight Timer

This is a meditation app that offers guided meditation and talks led by some of the top neuroscientists, teachers and psychologists from Standford, Harvard, the University of Oxford etc. It helps in reducing anxiety, managing stress, having a sound sleep and improving happiness.

User Review By Dr Learner

Insight timer is really providing me with insights. One of the best apps available which helps us to focus, increase productivity, overcome our fears, love truly, gain deep insights, overcomes falseness, relax deeply and be spiritual. Actually one can find answers to almost all perplexing questions and events. This is the power of guided meditation and Insight Timer makes it available, acting as a real treasure box.

3. Calm

‘Calm’ works well for beginners, intermediates and advanced users too! You can choose how many minutes of guided meditation you need depending on your schedule. The app contains guided relaxing music, sleep stories, stretching exercises, breathing programs, and meditations to offer. Users claim that it helps in lowering stress, anxiety and bettering sleep.

User Review By Alleyah20

When I signed up for Calm, I was in dire need of some stress relief in my life. And ever since I have taken the guided meditation mornings and sleep stories in the night, most of my external self imposed stress has just evaporated. I love listening to the sound of water and birds in the morning and Calm has given me just that. Thank you to the makers and developers of this app and content for delivering such a great product.

4. Oak

This app helps you with mindful, sleep meditations as well as breathing exercises and unguided sessions. You also have the option to customise the duration and the background sounds as per your requirements. The app also tracks your progress and encourages you to turn the meditation experiments into a healthy habit.

User Review By Akhilpeterpan

This app has an uncluttered approach to meditation and a very simple but powerful meditation to practice! Although numbering a few techniques, they pack enough punch to make every part of my day enlightening and fulfilling from the time I wake up to the time I sleep. The flexibility of duration makes it a complete meditation app. Loved it!

5. Tide

It is a physical and mental health app which offers you nature-themed sounds. It helps you to stay focused, reduce stress, relax and sleep better. You can adjust the app depending on your requirement and time restraints.

User Review By M Bajwa

I had been looking at ways to increase my study hours. Tide provided an unexpectedly unique way to accomplish that. My personal favourite is the ‘cafe’ noise. Kudos team tide!

6. Headspace

Headspace offers you meditations on a new topic every day. It guides you to relax and its regular use is believed to bring calmness, and balance to your life. It also helps in creating the ideal conditions to have a good night’s sleep, which is so necessary!

User Review By KavyaK

Following a recent anxiety attack, I needed help. Came across the app without any research, too. The basic pack has calmed my nerves so surprisingly well from the get-go (just 1 minute). Don’t take my word for it, try it yourself. Great job guys, going to give the anxiety pack a try.

7. Simple Habit

Habits are hard to form, aren’t they? Well, not with the Simple Habit app. It works pretty well for people who have a busy schedule and do not have much time to spare for self-care. Using this app to meditate for as little as 5 minutes can help you reduce stress, improve focus, relax faster, sleep better, breathe easier etc.

User Review By Rosemary Lobo

Really a very very useful app one must try to have their mind’s daily vacation! The sessions are very easy and anyone can practice at any time. Modern approach to stress.

Have you tried using any of these apps before? If yes, then let us know in the comments below about your experience with it.

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