8 Tips That Will Help You Successfully Give Up Refined Sugar

Karishma Govil , 21 Feb 2019
Quitting Sugar | Image Source: www.shutterstock.com
Quitting Sugar | Image Source: www.shutterstock.com

No matter how yummy it is, consuming refined sugar is one of the worst things you could do your body. It is found in most processed foods and dessert. It also sometimes cannot be identified because it is present in foods you might not know had sugar. Sugar increases the risk of diabetes, heart diseases and is one of the reasons for unhealthy weight gain too. Not only does it negatively affect health, but it also is really addictive. It isn’t easy to give it up and if you’re planning to quit anytime soon, here are a few things you could do that’ll help you give sugar up.

1. Don’t quit cold turkey

Since sugar is addictive, you will defo get cravings also know as withdrawals. And because those cravings will be strong, there are chances you’ll succumb to them and eat something that contains a lot of sugar. Instead, gradually reduce your intake so that you don’t shock your body by completely taking it away. You don’t want your efforts to be counterproductive by you overindulging on sugary products.

2. Track your intake

It always helps to note down how much sugar you end up consuming on a daily basis. This will give you an insight on how to balance it out. So, if you think you’ve gone overboard with sugar, cut down on it for the coming few days. If you have trouble tracking it manually, there are apps like Sugar Intake Tracker that can help you do it easily.

Honey (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)
Honey | Image Source: www.shutterstock.com

3. Use honey

Substitute refined sugar with honey or stevia leaves?. Limited consumption of honey is actually good for you. Plus, it isn’t too heavy on the calories as well. So, add honey to your nimbu paani, milkshakes or even cakes if you’re baking them yourself. This is definitely more healthy considering honey is known to be rich in antioxidants that help in boosting immunity, in improving memory, is good for skin and also helps to cure gum diseases among many other benefits.

4. Eat a tonne of fruits

Satisfy your sugar cravings with sweet fruits like fresh berries, apples, pears, guavas and more. Fruits contain a lot of fibre that even helps in digestion. If that’s not enough, adding fruits to your diet can help in boosting your overall energy and immunity and also can aid in keeping diabetes in control. So, either eat them as a dessert after your meal or whip up a smoothie if you like it!

Dark Chocolate (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)
Dark Chocolate | Image Source: www.shutterstock.com

5. Befriend dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is known to satisfy sugar cravings to a massive extent. So, every time you crave chocolate or something sweet in general, eat a small block of dark chocolate. Store a bar in your fridge so it’s there when you need it.

6. Give it time

Sugar is a stubborn little guy so it won’t leave you easily. Have patience and be strong. And most importantly, don’t think that you’ll get results overnight. Give it time.

Fizzy Soda (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)
Fizzy Soda | Image Source: www.shutterstock.com

7. Give up sodas

An average can of cola contains approximately 39 grams of sugar. This is probably the biggest intake of sugar in your life RN. So, just stop! Switch to healthier substitutes like fresh fruit juices instead.

8. Check labels

Some products you wouldn’t expect to, have hidden sugar in large quantities. Products like canned soups, protein bars, BBQ sauce, ketchup and more have a lot of sugar in them that you probably aren’t aware of. Make sure you check the labels of these products before buying them or better yet, make them at home instead.

Don’t worry too much about giving it up immediately. Take your time and taper your intake within a few weeks. Remember, you can do it!

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