We all know that Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan‘s son, Taimur Ali Khan is a celebrity already. Almost every day, we get a glimpse of the Pataudi prince, thanks to the paparazzi. And there is one person who we constantly see along with him, it is no one else but his nanny, Savitri. Let us tell you, she is equally famous and also has a fan account dedicated to her.

Since she is always spotted with Taimur, there is one thing that people on social media have always been curious to know– her salary. And guess what? Kareena has decided to address it. Recently, she made an appearance on Arbaaz Khan‘s chat show, Pinch, and in one segment she had to answer to the mean tweets addressed to the celeb. A social media user had written that Taimur’s nanny is paid more than bureaucrats. To this, Bebo had a question, “How do they know that?” She then added, “This question should be addressed by a ministry.”

She further said that her child’s safety is of utmost importance and there is no price for that. Bebo said, “There is no price for anything as long as your child is happy and safe. There is no price for that.”

Bebo has the best reply to questions, doesn’t she?

BTW, have you seen this video which proves Taimur is a superstar?

Check it out below:

Isn’t this the best thing you’ve seen today?