Kareena Kapoor Khan may not be on social media or at least not in a name that we know of. Many of her friends have hinted at her having a fake Instagram account so that she can go about collecting information she needs undetected. Bebo like the true queen that she is has even accepted that a little bit of healthy stalking, hurt nobody. So, she is not new to what goes around on social media. In fact, she’s more than aware of what’s going on if according to her friend Karan Johar.

But recently on Arbaaz Khan‘s new show Pinch, she admits to having social media accounts in another name.

Take a look:

Start from 1:45 for Bebo’s gyan on some healthy stalking

In a segment of the same show, Bebo who skims through social media was asked to react to mean comments about her on the internet. In another segment, Arbaaz read out some comments about Taimur from the internet as well. One troll said, Taimur bhuka marr raha hai. But Bebo replied in the most Bebo way possible. She said that she felt like her child was eating a lot more these days!

Check it out:

Head to 8:36 for Bebo’s super hilarious reply to the troll.

Just like this, Kareena replied like a #BossBabe to all her mean comments as well. Before she read them out she even said that she was going to name the people who’ve left these comments too.

Take a look:

We love Bebo’s ‘haters gonna hate’ attitude. But during the course of the show, she also mentioned how celebrities are thought to have no feelings and are not considered human by many people. She clarified that they too get hurt by comments and have feelings as well.

All said and done, Bebo slayed the show as usual even when it came to reacting to mean comments or when asked the toughest of questions about parenting, social media and otherwise.

There’s really nobody like her. Bebo ftw!