Yes, the most awaited road trip of the year, Tripling is finally here, and this time, it’s twice the fun! The terrific trio –Chandan, Chanchal and Chitvan – are back and promise a double dose of laughter, entertainment and drama as they embark on a new journey. The series stars Sumeet Vyas, Manvi Gagroo and Amol Parashar in the lead and is directed by Sameer Saxena. It’s going to be all about rediscovery – of themselves and their bond – where they encounter crazier incidents and make lifelong memories.

As the madness begins on 5th April, we want to give you 5 reasons why you shouldn’t miss this sibling trio’s second escapade on SonyLIV.

The Road Trip

The world witnessed one of the most entertaining road trips ever with Tripling season 1. This season, the journey is going to be a doubly entertaining and emotional roller coaster ride. Where they end up this time, and what they have in store for us is something we can’t wait to discover.

2. Picture-perfect Locations

After driving us through the vast expanses of deserts and royal palaces in Rajasthan in Season 1, Season 2 will take us straight up to the picturesque mountains and valleys. We can just imagine how beautifully shot it’s going to be! Can’t wait to drive through these locations with the Tripling Trio!

3.  The Ultimate Trio

Siblings – you can’t live with them, you can’t live without them. We are sure that in their second outing, Sumeet, Maanvi and Amol’s erratic yet adorable bond is stronger than ever. We can’t wait to witness the siblings’ chemistry and travel with them on this journey, again.

4.  All That Chaos

How can this trio’s road trip not be one chaotic ride?! It’s going to be a whole journey of unexpected twists and turns and unforeseen situations at every road corner.  We are excited to see how, through all these situations, the trio come out stronger and closer than ever.

5. Sumeet Vyas

Well, we can all agree Mr. Vyas is a multi-talented and versatile man. He is back as a writer on this one and we are sure he’ll add his charm and wit to the storyline, too! We can’t wait to witness his comic timing and his nuanced charm on screen.

We are sure these are enough reasons for you to binge on all the episodes starting today – 5th April!