All the fairy tale fans say hey! Coz there’s going to be yet another remake of one of Disney’s most popular animated film, Cinderella. It is a tale as old as time itself and it has been told and retold in a number of ways. The latest remake of the classic fairy tale will be a modern reprise of the story. And according to The Hollywood Reporter, the Cuban-born American pop singer Camila Cabello will make her debut with this film!

The fifth harmony singer shot to fame when she went solo and released her album, Camila. Her song Havana broke all the records possible.

Just in case you wanted to listen to the song, all of a sudden. Here you go:

Coming back to the movie, this modern version of Cinderella is being produced by James Corden. Camila will not just star but will also have a huge part to play in the music of the film as well. Apparently, the idea of the remake came out of James Corden who will also star in the film. The actual story is still kept under wraps but it will naturally follow the plot of an orphaned girl living with her evil stepmother. The movie will also be quite musical much like the versions before it. The project will be directed by Kay Cannon, popular for writing musical comedies like Pitch Perfect.

We’re sure this is going to be one magical and musical journey! Who is excited for this?!