Priyanka Chopra (Source: Instagram | @priyankachopra)
Priyanka Chopra (Source: Instagram | @priyankachopra)

The past year has been monumental in terms of bringing out sexual predators in positions of power. Through the #MeToo movement, many women and men over the internet came out with shocking stories of abuse and inappropriate sexual behaviour. Even Bollywood celebrities like Vikas Bahl, Alok Nath, Nana Patekar, Sajid Khan and many more were called out for sexual misconduct. While some Bollywood celebrities came out in support of the survivors, many chose to remain silent on the matter. But our desi girl, Priyanka Chopra Jonas was asked the same recently about the surge of the #MeToo movement that came to Bollywood and she didn’t shy away from the question. In fact, she spoke about how the movement has helped women to tell their stories.

She said,

Sexual harassment had become a norm with women. Now, because of the support we are giving each other, people don’t have the power to shut us down. And that’s an incredibly powerful thing to see.

When she was asked whether she had faced sexual harassment, she raised her hand saying everybody in this probably must’ve been in situations like these because unfortunately, it had become the norm for women. But now things had changed a little.

We always had a voice. Just nobody heard us. Now if I have a story I don’t feel I am alone anymore – and I am not ashamed of it.

The global superstar had spoken out about the movement even earlier in an interview with Filmfare and she had mentioned how if people were restricting the movement to just the film industry, it is being misunderstood. She also talked about how when she had faced sexual harassment it was when she was very young which is why she does not want to open up about it.

On the work front, PeeCee is all set to make a comeback in Bollywood alongside Farhan Akhtar in The Sky Is Pink. She has also been locked down to star in a global film alongside Mindy Kaling based on a big fat Indian wedding.

In usual PeeCee style, she continues to inspire us through and through with her career trajectory, her wise words or her philanthropic work.

Credit: Filmfare