Common Things Cats Do That We Actually Misunderstand

Common Things Cats Do That We Actually Misunderstand

Suruchi Patwary

Understanding animal behaviour is so interesting, don’t you think? You do not share the same language but yet try to decode what the actions of each other meant. And when it comes to cats, they sometimes behave in such mysterious ways that it becomes difficult for humans to understand.

So, if you agree with the above statement then buckle up, because I’ll be listing down 3 common things cats do that we have been misunderstanding all this while.

1. When They Nudge Or Headbutt You

When cats butt their head to your leg or nudge you, you may think that they are asking for pets or affection. But that’s not true. They are actually marking you with their scent. Since cats have limited scent glands around their body, i.e. their feet, face, and bum. So when cats knead, scratch or nudge, they’re actually marking you with their glands.

2. When They Chatter

This usually happens when your cat is sitting at the window or looking outside the window. And when they spot a bird outside, they start chattering.

We might think that this could be an expression of frustration by the cat that it cannot reach the birds, but that isn’t the case. A popular theory says that cats chatter to imitate the chirping of the birds in order to bring them closer. Another study said that it could mean the cats are just very excited about seeing birds.

3. When They Sit In Tiny Boxes

Cats love sitting in tiny boxes or containers. And while it might look uncomfortable to us or that they could get stuck in the small box, that’s not how they feel about it. As per research, cats actually feel safe and secure in such containers. And this behaviour was also seen among tigers in a zoo when they were given boxes in the cage.

Do you wish to know more about cats and how to understand their behaviour? If yes, then do let us in the comments below along with any other questions that you might have.

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