People Reveal Cute Stories Of How They Met Their Significant Other

Dhruvi Modi , 24 May 2019

A meet-cute is when two people, who could potentially be each other’s significant other, meet for the very first time and end up being a couple. And often, such love stories are super cute, accidental and make you want to cry your eyeballs out (at least for me).

Recently, on Malini’s Girl Tribe, I asked the wonderful women on there to share ‘meet-cute’ stories of them or anyone they know who met their future spouse/significant other in a cute way. Plenty of women shared stories of their parents, friends and themselves. In a time where online dating websites and applications are the majority of ways people meet each other, be prepared for these real meet-cutes to restore ALL your faith in love!

1. Mutual friends FTW

I met my husband at a bar through mutual friends. Within the first 5 mins we became friends, and next thing we knew we got engaged, were married, had a baby and till date, we are best friends.

2. She slipped in her number along with a 5-star Uber rating

One of my friends met her fiancé in the most interesting way. She was on her way home from a disappointing date and her Uber driver canceled. Upset and exhausted, she was about to lodge a complaint when the Uber actually showed up! The driver claimed it was an error on his end and apologized profusely. She accepted the apology and got in. And apparently they hit it off. He was an engineer with a local company (Ubering part time) and she is a hairstylist. Sparks flew, and along with a 5-star rating, she gave him her phone number. Two years later—they’re engaged.

3. She set him up with her close friend first

We met in college- typical Bollywood style. We were enemies at first due to being study competitors. I set him up with my close friend; after they broke up, we became good friends. Eventually, we lost contact for 2 years, but again destiny brought us together during graduation where he saw me and had his heart in his mouth! Since then, we never looked back. He proposed, and I agreed, we got married after 6 years of dating, and 4 years of friendship and now it has been 14 years of togetherness in total.

4. A drunken revelation led them to a blissful forever

In college, he was my junior, so, I kind of bullied him through that year (not in a hurtful way, just being a typical senior). One college party night, pop came the “I really like you” statement. I assumed that he was drunk the whole time but I guess not. Twelve years later, we have been married for six years now.

5. He jokingly insulted her the first time they met

My husband and I met a day after I was in an unfortunate accident. So, he was all groomed up, looking hunky and I, well, had a black eye and looked like someone had beaten me up. The first thing he asked me was if I was in a gang fight? I kicked him right where it hurts, in my mind obviously!

6. When they first met, she gave him a wrong name, and 50 years later he still calls her that

My parents met on a bus from Mangalore to Bombay. This was the early 70s, so my dad was looking all dapper in a safari suit and side burns, and my mum was wearing a frock. My dad was already taken in by my mum’s beauty. So to impress her, he forced his friend to give up his seat for my mum’s aunt and my dad gave up his seat for my mum. Naturally, my mum’s aunt was very impressed and started a conversation with my dad. When my dad asked my mum for her name, she lied and said her name is Anita and gave him a false home address as well. He discovered this a few days later when he went with flowers to the false address she had given. But my dad was determined, he searched for her high and low, and slowly love blossomed. 7 years down the line they were married.

P.S. To this day my dad calls her Anu (short for Anita)

7. He left his number on her scooter

I met by husband accidentally. I was sitting in a cafe and my kinetic scooter was parked outside. When I came out after an hour, I saw a slip on my vehicle’s basket with a landline number that said ‘Please contact us’. I was little surprised but being the daring person that I am, I called that number and my now husband picked up the phone. I asked him why he had left his number on my scooter, and then he told me the full story on phone itself. He and his friends were at Pizza Hut next door and saw a pretty girl sitting on my kinetic, and assumed it was her vehicle. Just for fun, they left that number. It has been 18 years since that day, and we now have a 15 yrs old princess.

These stories have me blushing, bawling and just feeling a roller coaster of emotions! Have a cute story of how you met your soulmate as well? Comment it below, I would love to read it!

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