*Shots* *Dance* *Shots* *Floor* Such is the story of most of our nights out right? One second you’re sipping on your fifth mixed drink, laughing and dancing with no care in the world, and the next you’re clinging to the toilet seat for dear life. In the seconds before you throw up, you have flashes of the night fleeting through your mind. Questions like: Did I really drink that much tonight? How many shots did I take? When, oh, when, will this misery end? We’ve all been there. At times like these, you absolutely hate your drinking patterns, vowing to never drink again. However, we all know this promise will last not more than the next Friday night outing. So, once you’ve accepted that drinking is going to be an inevitable part of your routine, here are 7 ways you can prevent yourself from throwing up, and ease your hangover

1. Water is your best friend

Make sure you hydrate yourself before, during and after your drinking fiasco. Studies show that drinking water is extremely essential to balance the alcohol in your bloodstream. Drinking water won’t make you any less drunk, god no! Instead, it will counteract the dehydration caused by drinking alcohol. So, drink up!

2. Eat snacks in between drinks and before you go out

Olives, jalapeno poppers and chicken lollies are your best friend. Alcohol defuses through the walls of the stomach very quickly. The less there is in there, the faster it will be absorbed into your bloodstream, and the faster you will get drunk.  At the bar, order your favourite finger foods and munch on them in between your drinks. Plus, make sure you’ve had a filling dinner (or lunch, or breakfast if you’re day drinking).

3. Don’t mix various drinks

Trying out the multiple creative and fancy drinks that come in a flask or a coconut is on all our bucket lists. Despite it being irresistible, drinking your mojito (vodka based), right after with a martini (gin based) is a baaaadddddd idea!

4. Don’t mix energy drinks with your alcohol

Drinking a vodka-Redbull was one of the cheapest and quickest ways to get drunk when we were young and naive, amirite? Well, I have some bad news for you: mixing your spirits with energy drinks makes you drink more without realising it! That means, you can up your actual alcohol intake… but at what cost?

5.  Limit your drinks by the hour

The first rule of drinking responsibly is to know your limits. While your best friend can gulp down five shots and a few beers till she hits her limit, yours can be two shots and one drink (guilty as charged). Make sure you strategically space out your drinks. Undoubtedly, the faster you drink, the faster the alcohol hits your bloodstream, and the more likely you are to throw up after.

6. Eat ginger or drink ginger ale in between your drinks

To avoid the aftermath of drinking excessively, make sure you eat some ginger in between your drinks. If that’s unavailable (which it might be in a club), opt for a ginger ale, before you order your next drink. This will hydrate you and prevent you from emptying your contents into the toilet later.

7. Limit your movements on the dance floor

A few shots in, it is quite natural for all of us to put on our dancing shoes and head to the dance floor, but let’s take a second and see why this might be hazardous. Studies show that the more you move, the faster the alcohol will get into your head, making your decisions more and more jarred. This means, the inevitable bent-over-the-toilet deed. No, I’m not trying to be a buzzkill by telling you not to dance altogether, however, you should take a break every now and then by going out for some air.

So, these are a few tips and tricks to make your night out more fun, and less puke-y. Abide by these rules, and you’ll never have to throw up again! (I know I will) Have any other tricks on how to prevent vomiting after a night out? Let me know in the comments below!

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