The Katy Perry Taylor Swift feud is one of the most popular and long-standing celebrity feuds of recent times. But looks like it’s all water under the bridge now. Because both of our favourite pop stars have decided to give it a rest and shake hands. On Tuesday, Katy took to Instagram to post a picture of a plate full of chocolate chip cookies with peace signs drawn on either side. The Never Really Over singer also tagged Taylor in the post hinting at their long-standing feud and how it’s finally over.

Check it out:

Katy even geotagged the picture with Let’s Be Friends! To top it off, Taylor even commented on the picture with precisely 13 hearts.

Check it out:

Taylor Swift's comment on Katy Perry's post (Source: Instagram | @katyperry)
Taylor Swift’s comment on Katy Perry’s post (Source: Instagram | @katyperry)

Of course, just like I am, fans all over the world are losing their calm and are even speculating a possible between both pop queens.  The geotag, the 13 hearts, the caption! The signs are all there.

In March, in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, she had revealed that she wouldn’t mind collaborating with T-Swift. While she didn’t give a solid confirmation, she said, “I mean, I’m making music with Zedd, so I’m open.

According to People, Taylor received an official olive branch and apology note from Katy right before the Bad Blood singer went on her first Reputation Stadium Tour Show.

On Carpool Karaoke With Jame Corden, Katy had revealed that the fight between her and Tay Tay first began when they fought over something as silly as back up dancers. Even then, she had agreed with James when he suggested that it was time they ended the beef between them.

We are so psyched that these two superstars are back to being friends. This is huge for the music industry because this means there are big things in the making!

So, what do you think their ship name should be? #Katay #TayKat?