One of life’s undeniable facts is that we all love Youtube. Whether it is to check out the latest prank videos or to see grandmoms reacting to Lil Wayne‘s latest music video, we love this platform so much that it has found its home in our browser’s bookmarks. In this vast internet space today, one trend that is up and coming is all about being #real. Many YouTubers have adopted this trend as well, essentially, incorporating the values of ‘being real’ on the internet through their content. This may range from talking about feelings, mental health issues, and internal struggles to name a few. One of India’s biggest female digital creator, Prajakta Koli AKA MostlySane to her fans, has founded her YouTube empire on the idea of being true to her audience.

Koli slowly grew her audience due to the sheer relatability of her content, and her ever-growing fan base, ‘The Dumdum Army’—a name coined specially for them—supports her relentlessly. Having started off her channel four years ago, Koli’s diverse video content has evolved and matured, developing her various personas and characters that often make appearances in her videos. I remember watching her videos during my college days and relating to her content so much!While I highly commend her for her achievements, what really makes this small-town girl, Prajakta, so loveable is her happy-go-lucky demeanour, and her ability to make everyone laugh! Here are 5 ways in which Koli has shown us how to be #real on the internet:

1. We live for her #RealTalkTuesdays.Every Tuesday, Koli has her #RealTalkTuesday conversations with her fans. The topics she chooses revolve around issues that are nationally and globally pertinent, and are in all ways important to speak about. She says,

The biggest inspiration behind that kind of content is ‘conversations’. I love making conversations and I always wanted to talk to my audience, so I’m glad it all worked out just fine!Here’s her latest #RealTalk with Ayushmann Khurana about Article 15!

2. Her pride in representing India worldwide is commendable.

*Cues song from Swades*

Over the course of her career, the youth icon has amassed many feathers in her cap, from visiting the United Nations to represent India, being invited to the Obama Foundation and also being the only YouTuber in the world to have an exclusive chat with CEO Susan Wojcicki. She states,

All of these people, events, and experiences remind me time and again how much more responsible I have to be since I have a certain amount of reach. I have to be very careful since every single word coming from me can make an impact, and I always strive for it to be positive. I have become much, much more responsible and evolved personally as well as with my content.

Look at her inspiring video from her time at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, observing World Tolerance Day in 2018!

3. She talks about her internal struggles with a brave face.

I mean, WOW! From not only being open about her personal issues to giving advice for her audience, what doesn’t MostlySane do? When prompted, she mentioned,

In recent times, I have struggled so much with content blocks, innovation, visionless moments, and every time after I have surpassed those times something great has come out of them. But that has obviously only happened after I have accepted the situation as is and moved on instead of being stuck in the fight of ‘why me’?! Giving up has not been an option, and it should never be. My advice to anyone who is remotely thinking of giving up is the same–don’t give up; it cannot be an option. If you are on the brink of it, sit back and say it to yourself loud and clear that, “Hey, I have come such a long way and put in so many efforts but now I am just going to let that go to waste and I am going to give up on my huge dream.” Do you see how it sounds? For me, this proverb—trust the process—really works. It is my wallpaper on all my devices and every time I feel even a little demotivated, it preps me up, and I immediately start believing that something good is coming my way, and crazily enough, it does!

Here’s an inspirational video about working towards your dream!

4. Cyberbullies near? Have no fear! Koli will come to your rescue.

We all are aware of the sad concept of cyberbullying and online hate. When faced with this issue, Prajakta encourages her audience to not let it affect them and focus on yourself. She exclaims,

Every time someone hates on me I am like, “I wish I could care but I genuinely don’t!” The power of our lives lies in our hands, and we should know better than to cave into jobless, purposeless people seeking attention. Of course, while we are on the internet, it’s important to be safe, careful and responsible, and if something goes out of hand then bringing it to the notice of our seniors to avoid untoward situations.

Watch her video in order to hear her take on cyberbullying:

5. She is all aboard the body positivity train.

*Hi, Jameela Jamil‘s soulmate?*

A harsh reality of living in today’s world is that everyone faces body shaming. If you’re too heavy, too thin, or just simply being themselves. Luckily, a lot of celebrities and influencers are using their platforms to spread the message of body positivity. On being asked her views on how she stands up for body positivity, Koli states,

My internet family has made me more body positive and taught me that I am fine just the way I am – goofy, funny and sans makeup! The internet has helped me shed all my inhibitions and has gifted me the USP of being highly relatable and grounded. The best way to deal with such comments is to love yourself so much that such comments and people cease to hold any power over your peace of mind.

In her video titled Shameless, Koli speaks out against the various comments she receives on a daily basis and makes an effort to combat these by pledging to be herself always!

More power to you, Prajakta! Keep spreading the message of positivity and love in the face of adversity. We’ll be right here supporting you.

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