It’s been several weeks since Game Of Thrones came to an end. But looks like fans still can’t get over the last season of the show which includes everything from the ending to all the tiny mistakes that they couldn’t help but spot. The biggest one being the Starbucks coffee cup that was spotted on the table in one of the scenes from the fourth episode. Right after the episode aired, it had lit up the internet like nothing ever has. Of course, while it is only human to err, the makers haven’t heard the end of it yet.

Sophie Turner who played Sansa Stark on the show tried to clear the air on Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon while promoting her next film Dark Pheonix. When asked about the coffee cup controversy, she had jokingly blamed it on her co-star Emilia Clarke who plays Daenerys Targaryen saying that it was right in front of her. Emilia had even addressed the coffee cup in an Instagram caption saying she wasn’t a tea drinker who left the cup there at all.

Take a look:

But recently Sophie seems to have changed her mind about it.

Recently speaking to Conan O’Brien, she said:

I hear this every day of my life, this coffee cup thing, the coffee cup was where Kit’s chair was. At first, I blamed it on Emilia, but I don’t think Emilia would do that. Kit is lazy and I think he would have done that. It’s in front of Kit’s chair and then he moved and it looked like it was in my seat but I wasn’t there. It was Kit. It was 100 percent Kit.

She further added,

I wear a corset so I either piss myself or I throw up. Emilia wears a corset. Kit doesn’t wear a corset. It’s Kit!

While Sophie was only joking, the mystery of the cup still remains. But honestly, we didn’t mind the cup or the memes that followed. What about you?