Here's How Your Old Mascara Wand Can Help Save Wild Animals

Eesha Kokane , 08 Jul 2019

Your mascara wand not only helps you achieve long and luscious lashes, but it also helps save lives. A few years ago, an American non-profit organisation called the Appalachian Wildlife Refuge started an initiative known as ‘wands for wildlife’. This movement called for donations of old mascara wands and over the past two years, Appalachian Wildlife Refuge has collected over 300,000 of them! These wands have helped save the lives of many baby animals. Intrigued yet? Here’s everything you need to know about wands for wildlife:

Why Mascara Wands?

Winslow Umberger from Appalachian Wildlife Refuge explained how your old mascara wands can help save wildlife. Since the bristles of a mascara wand are soft and packed together, they make the perfect tool to take care of baby animals. These wands are very useful because of these reasons:

  • They help volunteers to remove fly eggs and larva out of the feathers and fur of wild animals.
  • They get rid of any dirt, debris or sawdust.
  • Mascara wands help clean the syringes that are used to feed animals

Who Does It Help?

Donating your old mascara wands will help injured and orphaned baby animals. For instance, Winslow mentioned that the mascara wands are used on animals like bunnies, songbirds, deers etc. You’ll be helping hundreds of wildlife animals with this simple and kind gesture. Another benefit that this noble cause has, is that it’ll keep your old mascara wands out of the landfill. Hence wands for wildlife is beneficial to the environment as well.

Wands For Wildlife
Wands For Wildlife

How Can You Help?

You can help save baby animals and the environment by donating your old mascara wands to the Appalachian Wildlife Refuge. They accept wand donations in the month of October and February. So if you’ve finished a tube of mascara and you’re about to throw it out, don’t do it! Clean the mascara wand, store it and when the time comes, donate it. I know for sure that’s definitely going to be my plan.

Mascara wands collected for Wands for Wildlife

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