We know and understand the curiosity which is there around a celebrity’s life. Everyone wants to know everything about the stars, professional or personal. And most of the times, the celebs themselves share the news on social media or while interacting with the media. But sometimes, they are asked questions which make them uncomfortable.

Recently, actors Vijay Deverakonda and Rashmika Mandanna were busy with the promotion of their upcoming Telugu film, Dear Comrade. During the media interactions, Rashmika was asked about her relationship status.

For those who don’t know, Rashmika was engaged to Kannada actor and producer Rakshit Shetty but they parted ways and moved on with their respective lives. They have remained silent on this and when the actress was asked about the same, the Arjun Reddy actor and her co-star Vijay decided to answer this question for her.

He said:

I don’t even know your question but it is no one’s business. Like I am giving an answer. I don’t even understand the question…how is it anyone’s business.

Rashmika then added saying, “It is so long of a question for me to understand it as well.” It is said that some reporters told her that her fans on social media have been asking her the same question.

To this, she said:

I have a great rapport with fans..I keep repeatedly messaging them and share updates.

When Rashmika and Rakshit broke up in 2018, she was trolled by the actor’s fans. She had then put up a post on Twitter for all those people out there.

Check it out:

Rakshit too had requested his fans to not judge Rashmika and let her be in peace.