#Bughead fans grab some tissues because Jughead and Betty from Riverdale aka Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart have broken up in real life. This comes as a shock to many because it was just a day ago that Lili had shared a picture with Cole and her other co-star KJ Apa from Comic-Con on her Instagram. But according to reports in US Weekly, the two were spotted keeping a distance from each other at Comic-Con party in San Diego on Saturday. While the two mingled with their cast members separately, they were rarely seen with each other even though they were seated next to each other on the panel. At the panel, they seemed cordial enough which makes this break up report even harder for us to take in. Lili even joked putting up a picture from the same asking everyone to never seat her between KJ and Cole.

Take a look:

Cole was apparently overheard saying to a friend that they had broken up at the event. He later left the venue with his other co-stars. Dating rumours started up between the two back in 2017 when Cole had posted a picture of Lili in a flowerbed. From then on, the two have been fiercely private about their relationship sans the super adorable Instagram photos that started coming out later in 2018 after their MET Gala appearance together. Both of them have refused to give the world any insights into their relationship maintaining that it’s not for the world to know.

We’re heartbroken over this news. What about you guys?