Things You Should Know Before Getting A Tattoo

While scrolling through Instagram for hours on end, I see at least a few dozen gorgeous tattoo ideas. It makes me want to book an appointment at a tattoo parlour ASAP. However, I can never give in to my spontaneous outbursts. I’m that kind of a person who will read a hundred reviews before buying a lip balm. So you can imagine my plight when it comes to getting inked. Lucky for you after talking to people who already have tattoos and truckloads of research later, I’ve found out what everyone should know before getting their first tattoo:

1. Find A Reputable Artist

You wouldn’t hire an interior designer to design your dream home without looking at their portfolio first, would you? Then don’t make hasty decisions and run to the first tattoo artist you find. Make sure you check out their designs, customer reviews and whether their type of style matches yours.

2. A Bit Expensive

It’s no surprise that getting something that’s good quality and that’ll last a lifetime will be super expensive. If you’re a newbie to the tattoo world like me, a parlour that offers cheap prices may seem tempting. However, do not, I repeat do not just go to a tattoo parlour just because they are offering cheaper prices. You can’t afford to risk your health just to save some ₹₹₹.

3. Have Clarity

One of my worst nightmares is realising that this is not the design I want halfway through (Problem no. 21736 of being fickle-minded). This goes without a saying that you should be extremely clear about what design you want. After all, this decision of your life will literally have permanent consequences. Think of it this way, 40 years down the line, when you’re old and wrinkly would you still adore that inked part of yourself? If yes, then you know that’s your design. Hence, this is one of the most important things to know before getting a tattoo.

4. It May Take A While

Depending on how big your design is, your tattoo artist may take a few hours or even a few sessions to finish it. Here’s where you’ll completely be able to relate to the phrase “good things take time”. Take an appointment with your tattoo artist before you actually get your tattoo and ask them what you can expect. It’s better to have an understanding of the time situation before you get a tattoo.

5. Know That Some Areas May Hurt More

Before you decide where to get a tattoo, have a look at this:

Areas that hurt the most: Inner wrist, fingers, ribs, back of the knee, throat, neck, and stomach.

Areas that hurt relatively less: Outer arm, shoulders, outer thighs and calves.

However, different people have different pain thresholds so you may have a different experience than someone else.

6. Consult Your Dermatologist

If whatever you’re about to do affects your skin in some way, then it’s always better to consult your dermatologist beforehand. If you’re a person with highly sensitive skin or any skin condition then don’t even think if getting a tattoo before consulting your dermatologist. It’s always better to be safe than sorry (and sore if you have a bad reaction to the ink).

7. Don’t Be Drunk

Getting drunk and deciding to get tatted is a tale as old as time. However, you should remember that alcohol thins your blood and excess blood in your body will make you bleed more while getting your tattoo. This, in turn, may not give you the final results that you wanted.

8. Tattoos Take Time To Heal

Your tattoo will take a few weeks to completely get healed, and that’s justified since tattoo needles are after all poking ink into the skin with thousands of punctures after all (Yikes). You’ll have to be very consistent with the post-care so that your tattoo can heal properly. It’s recommended to stay away from still bodies of water (like bathtubs, pools, hot tubs etc.) to prevent infection.

9. Touch Ups

Over the years, layers of your skin will shed and renew and this will cause your tattoo to fade a little, especially if its coloured. You’ll have to revisit the tattoo parlour to get your tattoo re-done so that it’ll look better.

10. You Can Cover It Up

If you have a job interview or any other big event, you can use full coverage foundations to cover up your tattoo. Just don’t use a foundation to cover it up during the tattoo’s healing process.

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