Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello‘s chemistry in the ‘Senorita‘ music video set our screens on fire and fans couldn’t stop gushing about how they make such a hot couple. While rumours are that the two are going out, owing to their PDA on certain occasions, it is not confirmed. Now, Shawn has gone ahead and excited his fans to another level with his new butterfly tattoo.

Here is his tattoo:

Only he can carry off that tattoo and make it look so hot, right? Shawn actually saw the sketch of the butterfly on an account on Twitter and tracked it down to the artist. Fans were super excited to see him go through with this and actually tattoo a fan’s sketch.

Fans were also particularly curious about the significance of the butterfly tattoo, which took a few of them back to this particular album cover of Camila’s with a blue butterfly on her face. Camila had also tweeted a few years ago where she explained what the butterfly signified. Well, though it might seem like a far fetch, it is not a completely impossible connection the fans have made.

Here is Camila’s tweet:

Well, it would be really cool if it was Camilla’s idea, right?! This tattoo does make us wonder! What do you guys think?