Most of us can relate to the weird/tingly feeling we get while just entering into a relationship. There are so many thoughts crossing your mind! What if this person is a psychopath, a serial killer, or worse, absolutely hates french fries?!?! Well, apart from these concerns, there’s something else we all need to keep a check on. And that’s how fast is our new relationship actually moving forward. And if you don’t know what signs to look for to be sure that it is going at a normal pace, read on to find out 5 of the most common signs.

Going On Dates Too Often

Am not saying that going on dates is bad, but if you’re planning your dates multiple times in a week, then you’re definitely moving too fast. Going on dates way too often will ruin your processing period about how you find the other person and if at all they’re the kind you’re looking for and would be compatible with. A New York City-based therapist, Rachel Sussman, also talked about it to INSIDER and said,

You want to be able to process it and think about that person after the date and miss them even.

One date a week sounds like a good, healthy start.

Always Texting Each Other

If you guys have been seeing each other for not more than a couple of weeks, being glued to the phone while constantly texting them is a clear indication that your relationship might be moving too fast. If you feel you need to be in constant contact with them or else they’ll lose interest in you, then you really need to re-evaluate this relationship. Don’t be afraid to tone down the frequency of being in contact with the other person if it overwhelms you too.

Hanging Out With Each Others Family

It’s a good thing to be in touch with your partner’s family and friends circle, but taking this step in the early stage of your relationship isn’t really recommended. Before you introduce yourself to your partner’s family, you both need to build a tight connection with each other. It’s important to have clarity about where this relationship is heading and define it. If you’re meeting each other’s parents after the third or fourth date then you need to take a step back and wait a bit more.

Fresh Outta Relationships

If you’ve just broken up and entered a new relationship already then it is a clear sign you need to slow things down a bit. Although there is no exact period of time one needs to wait between relationships, there are some things you need to be certain of before you take the next step forward. To be sure that this isn’t a subconscious rebound situation, you gotta come to terms with what feelings you have about your ex and why the relationship ended. If the new relationship ends too soon, ask yourself if you’re ready to be in that position at the moment.

Planning The Future Together

If you’ve only been on three to four dates and have already started discussing the names of your children, then your relationship is definitely moving too quickly. I am not saying that you cannot know who is your soulmate is in a couple of dates. Also, if the other person keeps talking about hitting major milestones with you and you feel a bit uncomfortable with it then that’s a big no-no! The best way is to communicate and make sure you both are on the same page. Planning your entire life with someone who you have just started to know is a sign for you to check how quickly his relationship is going.

While these signs may not apply to everyone, it’s still something you need to give a thought if you’re experiencing it. Are there any other signs that you want to share with us? Then do let us know in the comments below.

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