An actor sure enjoys all the fame and recognition, but to be at that position, they’ve put in a lot of hard work. They enjoy a huge fan following and make sure to never disappoint them with their films. The tars put in all their efforts while shooting for the film, sometimes, even if they’re unwell. Varun Dhawan, who was shooting for Street Dancer 3D, fainted on the sets of the film.

Varun was battling cold and fever but he didn’t let that affect his schedule, as per a report in Midday. The actor was supposed to shoot a gruelling dance sequence with his co-actors on Tuesday. After his prep, he was shooting for the number when he got dizzy and fainted. Remo immediately called for the doctor and Varun was diagnosed with low blood pressure. He was advised to take bed rest for few days. Remo then called the shoot off for the next two days, the report stated.

After resting for just a day, Varun got back on the sets. As per the report, since they had lost a day, the actor decided to do a double shift. He was on sets at 11 pm and worked till 7 am on Friday morning, shared the source.

Reportedly, he also shot for a commercial on the same day as the venue was already booked.

What a sincere actor he is!

A couple of days back, he had shared a video of his father, David Dhawan where he spoke about how they worked double shifts back in the days. You can read about it and watch it here.