No-Poo Method

IMHO one of the best feelings in the world is having fresh and clean hair. So when I heard about the ‘no-poo’ method for the first time I freaked out! Even just thinking about not washing my hair for a week gives me the chills. Although after reading dozens of positive testimonials I was extremely intrigued. So after doing some research, something that I never thought would happen, happened—I changed my opinion about the ‘no-poo’ method.

Think about it; we use harsh shampoos that are heavily loaded with artificial fragrances and ingredients like parabens and SLS. Using them several times a week must be wreaking havoc on our hair in the long term. So going the no-poo route and giving your hair a break may be a good idea. Now if you feel like throwing out your shampoo and following the no-poo method, here’s everything you need to know:

What Exactly Is The No-Poo Method?

In a nutshell, the no-poo method is not washing your hair with synthetic commercial shampoos. Until the 1800s people washed their hair once a month and gradually with time the frequency increased. It wasn’t until a few years back that people realised that over-washing their hair can do more harm than good. That’s when people started following this method to keep their hair healthy.

The Pros:

If you’re making such as a drastic change in your hair care routine it better have a long list of benefits amirite? Fortunately, the no-poo method has a lot of attractive benefits. Here are a few of them:

  • That “clean” feeling you have after shampooing may actually be because the natural oils of your hair are stripped away. The no-poo method will clean your hair but without disturbing the sebum balance of your scalp.
  • You’ll be washing your hair without any toxic ingredients so it’ll be better for your hair and scalp in the long run.
  • This method is not only good for your hair but it’s also good for the environment. Think of all the shampoo bottles that won’t end up in the landfills.
  • You’ll save your money since you won’t be washing your hair as much.

The Cons:

Like most things in life, this method is not free from flaws. Here are some cons that you should know before trying the no-poo method:

  • It may not work on all hair and scalp types. If you have dandruff issues this method of washing your hair may not work out for you.
  • If you have straight hair, your hair won’t be as efficient as curly hair when it comes to hiding an oily scalp. Curly hair tends to benefit more from the no-poo method since it hides the oil better and it looks more tamed after 1-2 days of a hair wash.

How Can You Follow The No-Poo Method?

Most women who do the no poo method, use a mixture of baking soda and water to cleanse the scalp of excess oil and dirt. This is followed by conditioning the ends of the hair with a diluted mixture of ACV and water. This method may be a bit too extreme for most of us, so we can use these gentle and toxin-free shampoos:

Deva Curl No Poo Original Cleanser | (Source:

Deva Curl No Poo Original Cleanser | (Source:

Calia Purifying Shampoo | (Source:

Calia Purifying Shampoo | (Source:

Arata Maple Lemon Blueberry Shampoo | (Source:

Arata Maple Lemon Blueberry Shampoo | (Source:

If you’re following this method, then you should only wash your hair once or twice a week. The whole aim is to just let your hair thrive in its natural state.

Would you try out the no-poo method? Let us know in the comments.

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