Ice Bucket (Source: by Mariyana M)
Ice Bucket (Source: by Mariyana M)

It’s August already and pumpkin spice latté season is slowly creeping its way towards us but for us, summer never really ends. Battling this heat, humidity and pollution is no easy task. Whilst facials and 12-step skincare routines are a hallmark of many beautification routines, often times the simplest, classic tricks work wonders for your skin. Therefore, let me introduce you to a secret facial remedy that can be found right in your freezer—ice cubes. Skin icing (also known as Cryotherapy) involves massaging an ice cube or two in circular motions on your face to avail instant results; a buzzing trend amongst legions of women who sing its praises, from top facialists, celebrities such as Kate Moss and our ancestors as well.

Skin icing can be used to:

  • Fight the formation of wrinkles
  • Reduce acne and heal blemishes
  • Improve blood circulation, making the skin healthy and bright
  • Minimise pores

No matter what, ice cubes are everyone’s year-round skincare hero for a radiant glow. Here are 5 reasons why skin icing is the secret weapon that you will thank us for later:

1. Goodbye Under-Eye Bags

Skin icing has long been a staple of skincare wisdom (think cold cucumber slices and refrigerated spoons). If you’re looking to counteract morning-after puffiness, then wrap a few ice cubes in a soft cotton cloth and slide them from the inner eye corner towards your eyebrow in a circular motion. This results in the drainage of excess fluid, which will immediately brighten up the under-eye area.

2. Reduce Acne Breakouts

We all go through that time of the month where pimples pop up arbitrarily on our faces (and to those who don’t, I ask—how does it feel like to be God’s favourite?) In such situations, ice can help reduce the swelling and redness of the acne by soothing the irritated skin. You can use ice cubes at the initial stage of a pimple as well to slow down the inflammation by holding it on the acne for a while until the area starts to feel numb. Icing can help towards reducing blemishes as well.

3. Ageing Buster

Nobody likes getting older, do they? To combat ageing, many celebrities have taken to skin icing to improve their complexion and slow down the onset of wrinkles. Iconic actress, Joan Crawford is famously known for her morning skin icing ritual that puts all skincare routines to shame. She regularly submerged her face in a sink of ice water. Now, while that is a classic method, I know what you’re thinking—how in the world do I do that daily at home? A proven technique is to use ice cubes made with rose water or lavender oil on your face every night. Not only will this result in a tightening effect on the skin, but it can also rewind ageing within a couple of weeks of dedicated use!

4. Ease Puffiness And Swelling

In the case of swollen skin, topical creams are unable to get through to the bacteria in our pores. In order to reduce the inflammation on the skin, ice the area to unclog the pores. The cold from the ice constricts the blood vessels so that less blood reaches the surface of your skin, lessening any swelling. Moreover, it prevents the other pores from clogging as well, thereby also decreasing blemishes. Icing makes the skin more permeable, hence your creams and serums will be able to penetrate and work more efficiently.

5. Your Pore Primer

Ice functions as a natural primer. Once you massage it onto your face, the skin will tighten and shrink any enlarged pores. Icing also minimises the appearance of pores that appear larger due to clogged debris and excess sebum. An inexpensive alternative to the pore primers we splurge excessively on!


Will you give this age-old advice a shot? Let us know in the comments!

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