Scrolling through Instagram I see at least a few dozen pictures of models who look like society’s version of being “flawless”. As much as I hate to admit it, I do tend to compare myself to strangers on the internet. Even though I am well aware of the fact that social media can mess up your mental health, through habit, I hurt myself by ending up on Instagram, comparing myself with strangers. However, a few days ago I came across Ashley Graham‘s post and I have to say that it was a breath of fresh air. Not very often do you see a woman fearlessly showing her stretch marks and other so-called “flaws” to the world. So you can imagine how surprised and elated I felt when I saw her recent post:

Ashley has always been fiercely vocal about issues like body positivity and self-acceptance. So, when she posted this real and raw picture of herself, everyone was rightfully in awe! In a world where the beauty standards for women are ridiculously unrealistic, untouched and authentic pictures are much needed. Many of Ashley’s followers had wonderful things to say about her brave post. Have a look at the kind words they had to say:

Comments on Ashley Graham's Instagram (Source: Instagram | @ashleygraham)
Comments on Ashley Graham’s Instagram (Source: Instagram | @ashleygraham)

Ashley’s brave decision to post this picture is not the only thing that her fans are elated about. She also recently announced to her Instagram followers that she and her husband are expecting a baby soon! Have a look at the adorable video she posted to reveal that she is pregnant:

All I can say is that Ashley Graham is one inspiring woman and we need more people like her in this world. As she is about to embark on this beautiful journey, we wish her good luck and all the happiness in the world!

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