Shaan S Khanna and Natasha Patel
Shaan S Khanna and Natasha Patel

When it comes to growing your business, honestly, there should be no loose ends, amirite? A small investment towards building your business can go a long, long way in the future. When I recall the most successful companies, such as Amazon, Apple or Microsoft, to name a few, they all started small in someone’s garage. So, what is the secret behind making it big? *drum roll* The key to making your business boom successfully is networking, you guys! Networking is one of the most important tools in any industry, whether you’re a small styling shop or aiming to become the largest consulting company.

In order to understand the nitty-gritties of networking, we invited Shaan S Khanna AKA Spicy Sangria, founder of Networking Now India, to join us at our weekly #GirlTribeLives on Malini’s Girl Tribe. with our Senior Beauty Editor, Natasha Patel.

A lot of the Girl Tribe members sent in their questions during the live and Shaan spared no detail while explaining why networking is a must for one and all. She talks about how to network if you’re shy and an introvert, by discussing the sheer ‘non-judgement zone’ that blankets every networking event. A key tip is to always keep your business card handy, and distribute it wisely!

You can catch the LIVE here on Malini’s Girl Tribe and learn all about networking too!

We also asked Shaan to shed some light onto networking on social media, and she gave us the following insights:

  1. Have a strong brand presence: Make sure you have a social media account on the popular platforms, and post loyally and dedicatedly.
  2. Reach out to people in the same businesses: If you’re an interior designer, make sure that you have contacts in that industry. This will help you make some strong relationships that will aid the growth of your company.
  3. Engage with people on social media: Don’t be a creep and bombard your favourite account with 100+ likes and comments. That’s a big no-no! Be subtle and simple, and leave one nice comment that will ensure they remember you.
  4. Connect people as well: Chances are if you’ve successfully completed point 2, then there are others who might need help as well. Don’t hesitate to help others collaborate as well.
  5. Stay true to your brand vibe: Never compromise on your values! If you feel strongly about your brand, believe in it and it will grow for sure.

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