Ranveer Singh and his fan, Kiran
Ranveer Singh and his fan, Kiran

Ranveer Singh is one actor who is full of life and spreads cheer and joy wherever he goes. With an ever increasing fanbase, he is known for being absolutely warm whenever he interacts with them. Now, Ranveer just won all our hearts with this gesture of his for a woman in London.

The Gully Boy actor is currently shooting in London for his next film, ’83. A source shares that the woman, Kiran, is a huge fan of his and that they always met each other whenever he was in London. So, when Ranveer was told Kiran is in the final trimester of her pregnancy, he wanted to celebrate with her and decided to surprise her at home.

The source adds:

Post shoot wrap, Ranveer’s team had arranged all the logistics for him to visit Kiran. When he stood at the doorstep, Kiran was surprised and overwhelmed to find that her favourite star had gone out of his way to visit her. Ranveer interacted with her husband and her family, and spoke with all of them for around one and a half hours.

She took to Twitter to narrate her experience. She says:

I literally jumped & ran into the kitchen and hid. My hubby answered the door & I could hear Ranveer, he was like where is she, where is my precious one or special one something along those lines. My hubby said she is hiding in kitchen & Ranveer made his way in. Ranveer Singh was in my house. Like omg I was pinching myself. He came around into the kitchen and I froze and had my face covered laughing/holding back tears. He was like, OMG, let me look at you my Kiran. He hugged me and blessed my baby bump. He sat in-between my hubby and me and had his arms around both of us and we just talked and talked and he blessed us both.

She continues, saying she left like an old friend had visited because that’s how warm and comfortable Ranveer can make one feel. He apparently went through their wedding album and baby scan pictures together and even showed them stills from his upcoming films (how lucky, Kiran!).

For Kiran, this surely is a day she will cherish for the rest of her life and like she mentions in her tweets, it is one hell of a story to tell her baby when they grow up. Good luck with your pregnancy Kiran, and we love you, Ranveer!