One song that has become a part of everyone’s playlist is Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello‘s Senorita. Due to the song’s popularity, a number of people have already made the cover version of it. So how could our very desi rapper, Baba Sehgal not recreate the song? But there’s a twist to it. Baba has made a desi version of the single and he has titled it Sarita.

Rakha hai teri mom ne naam Sarita, likhi hai maine tere liye kavita. Surahi jaisa gal-la-la-la, gal-la-la-la. Ring main leke aaya, flat bhi sell karaya,” are a couple of lines from the song. He gave us a little of the video on Instagram.

Check it out:

Impressed, aren’t you? We sure are.

The internet also had the best reaction to his cover. “More the babas, more the energy,” wrote one user. “The original rapstar baba,” wrote another. “I loved it. This is called talent,” read one of the comments.

Baba too replied to his fans saying, “Thank you guys for appreciating the hard work that goes in making such soundtracks. I purely do it for love and fun and most importantly keeping all of you in mind. You all are my support, energy and strength that gives me enough inspiration to create. THINGS TAKEN LIGHTLY ARE RIGHTLY.

Check the entire video below:

We can’t stop listening to Sarita and singing it too.