Sustainable Beauty Routine

We’ve come to a point where ice caps are melting, bees are dying, ecosystems are collapsing and to put things in a nutshell—the world is slowly coming to end. Global warming is a grave issue and if we stay quiet and don’t make any changes in our habits, we’re in for a world of trouble (literally). You may feel like a change in your actions alone won’t make much of a difference. However, your actions have the power to inspire others and collectively we can change the world. I’m not saying we should take a complete 180º and change our habits overnight. Taking small and consistent steps is the key to a more sustainable lifestyle. What worked for me was to start with my beauty routine. Slowly and steadily I took these steps and eventually built a sustainable beauty routine. So if you want to do the same, here’s what you need to do to get started:

1. Switch To Bars

You may think that just a few plastic shampoo bottles won’t harm anyone. However, what we fail to realise is that more than 552 million shampoo bottles end up in landfills every year. Our actions have a direct impact on the environment and it’s time we take responsibility for our actions. All you have to do is switch to shampoo bars and you’ll save the landfills from tons of plastic. Just taking this one step will be a good start to building a sustainable beauty routine.

2. Recyclable Cotton Pads

We all regularly use cotton pads in our beauty routine, whether it’s to remove makeup or to apply toners and serums. These single-use cotton pads come in very handy but they cause a lot of wastage. An eco-friendly alternative to them would be reusable bamboo pads. They take off your makeup efficiently and they can be used again. All you have to do is take the used bamboo pads, wash them with soap and boil them in water. Once they’re dry you can use them again. Hence, these pads drastically reduce your waste and help you build a more sustainable beauty routine.

3. Refill Your Products

This step will help you save the environment and your money! The next time you go shopping for personal care products, buy them from brands that also offer refill packets for their products. L’Occitane is a brand that is committed to take care of your skin and the planet. They sell refill packets that you can use when your product gets over, hence resulting in lesser use of plastic.

4. Choose Glass Over Plastic

When you chose products with glass packaging instead of plastic you’re making a sustainable choice. Glass jars can either be recycled or they break down and disintegrate over time. Hence, glass packaging will reduce the waste you produce in the long run.

5. Brush With Bamboo

Not only do bamboo toothbrushes clean your teeth but they also cut down on your use of plastic. Bamboos are naturally antimicrobial and hence they stop the growth of bacteria. What makes them even better (apart from the fact that they are all-natural) is that bamboos don’t require fertilizers hence most bamboo toothbrushes are made organically.

Sustainable Beauty Routine

What changes will you make to live a more sustainable lifestyle? Let us know in the comments below.

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