5 Mascara Hacks To Make Your Lashes Look Long And Wispy

Eesha Kokane , 21 Oct 2019

Mascara Hack

Have you ever looked at one of your male friends and wondered, “why the hell do you have such long eyelashes?”. Long and wispy eyelashes are something that we all want, isn’t it? For those of us who aren’t blessed with naturally long eyelashes, we turn to our super trusty product—mascara. Mascara has the power to open up your eyes and make them stand out. However, the trick to perfectly long eyelashes is using the mascara correctly! So here are a few mascara hacks that will make your lashes stand out:

1. Curl Your Lashes

If you don’t curl your lashes before applying mascara, they’ll fall flat and look clumpy. Hence, curling your lashes before you use mascara will make them look longer and more voluminous. So the next time you’re doing your makeup, grab your eyelash curler, warm it up a bit and curl your lashes from the roots. Then go ahead apply a few coats of your mascara. This hack will instantly open up your eyes and make your lashes look longer and lifted.

2. Use A Lash Primer

I don’t know about you, but there’s only one word that comes to my mind when I see clumpy and flakey lashes—cringe! Some mascaras tend to stick your lashes together making them look clumpy AF. That’s why using a lash primer is super important, especially if you are planning to wear mascara for a long time.

3. Clean Your Mascara Wand

Sometimes there can be excess product on your mascara wand and applying too much of it can make your lashes look clumpy. Hence, before you take your mascara wand anywhere near your lashes, wipe off the excess. Take a cotton pad or a piece of tissue paper and wipe off excess mascara from your wand. Doing this will make sure that you don’t apply too much in the process.

4. Thin It Out

Has your mascara ever dried up or worse, turned into a thick paste? This can happen if you don’t store it under the right conditions. If this has happened to your tube of mascara then you can easily fix it by adding a few drops of saline solution into your mascara and let it stay overnight. The next morning your mascara will have the correct density and formula!

5. Apply Thin Layers

As tempting as it is to go overboard and apply a lot of layers of mascara to your lashes, you shouldn’t do it. What you should do instead, is apply mascara to your lashes, layer by layer. Start by adding one layer of mascara and build it up as when you need to. By following this lash you’ll prevent clumps and flakes.

Have you ever tried out any of the mascara hacks? Let us know in the comments below.

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