The new season of Bigg Boss has come with a new set of controversies as expected not just from inside the house but outside as well. Recently during a task, in a fit of rage, Sidharth Dey had said extremely rude things to Arti Singh. Arti was tickling Sidharth while applying powder and shaving cream on him and he said:

Bina shilajeet (Indian viagra) ke ladkiya yeh sab kar rahi hai

Naturally, Aarti was offended by this comment and screamed at him later.

Sidharth Shukla even called out Dey for such a crass comment saying:

Galti se bhi tu agar mereko bahar milta na toh main tera muh tod daalta. Teri gutter apne paas rakha kar.

Now Arti’s brother and famous comedian Krushna Abhishek has reacted to this comment made by Sidharth while speaking to SpotBoye.

Here’s what he had to say:

I’m shocked that Siddhartha Dey could do this. He knows me and my family. How could he do this to a woman? How could he do this to my sister? He is losing his fans. Log usko hi gaaliyan de rahe hain. He shouldn’t have done this. Of course, I will confront him. Arti is my sister. I may even go to the show and ask him in front of Bhai (Salman Khan) that what was all that about.

On the other hand, Krushna’s wife Kashmera Shah had a different take on the whole situation. She was of the opinion that this was a game and if Dey was outside he would probably never say such things to a girl. Even Arti had to do what she did because they were inside the house. Kashmera said that in reality both of them would never be put under such conditions.