Our world feels right when Bollywood’s royalty are on talking terms. To be more specific when Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan are friends. It seems almost eons ago when these two weren’t on talking terms. Both of them are back to being buddies and it’s seen in every comment they make about each other. Take an Instagram post Salman put up for SRK today.

Recently, at Amitabh Bachchan‘s Diwali bash, much in keeping with his on-screen persona of a hero, Shah Rukh jumped to save Aishwarya Rai‘s manager from the flames. Ash’s long-time manager Archana Sadanand‘s lehenga had caught on fire and Shah Rukh had rushed to her rescue to douse the flames with a jacket. The story had made headlines and director Farah Khan had also taken to Twitter to congratulate the actor for his quick thinking.

Yesterday, Salman took to Instagram to commend Shah Rukh for this act calling him a hero. The Dabangg actor shared a video of SRK’s shirt catching on fire from the song Manwa Lage from the movie Happy New Year with a voice-over of his own saying, Hero woh hota hai jo aagme kudke, bujhake, bachata hai. Fans were quick to recognize that this was a revised version of his film Sultan’s dialogue, Sab yeh sochte hai ki hero woh hota hai joh jeetta hai… mera yeh manana hai ki hero woh hai joh haarta hai… kyun ki wohi jaanta hai jeetne ki asli value.

Check out the video:

How sweet is that? The most badass praise from the most badass Khan. As for SRK, he is worth all the praise that he has been getting. Reports suggest that while Archana is well on the road to a speedy recovery, even SRK sustained some minor injuries while saving her and dousing the fire.

Get well soon, Archana and SRK!