Who doesn’t love reading poetry? Okay, okay, I understand it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Yet, I do believe that historically it has proven to be a calming and relaxing activity. There’s nothing like brewing a hot cuppa tea and reading, IMHO. So, when I came across my (now) favourite poet Beau Taplin‘s work on Instagram, I couldn’t help but purchase two of his classic works: Bloom and World’s Of You. His poems shed light on some of the most typical everyday situations you might find yourself in, whether it is love, heartbreak, betrayal, friendship, life goals or more. His poems on love, in particular, really moved me. Hence, here are my 20 top picks from his love poems:

1. For When You Know You Have Found ‘The One’

2. For When Heartbreak Is Actually Therapeutic

3. For When You’re Debating A Long Distance Relationship

4. For When Love Should Be The Easiest Thing Ever

5. For When Love Comes When You Least Expect It

6. For When Timing Is A B*tch

7. For When They Are The Only Thing That Matters

8. For Bittersweet Endings

9. For Setting Limits And Being True To Yourself

10. For Betrayals: Because They Always Come From Those You Love

11. For, Sometimes, There Is Good In Goodbye

12. For When It Feels Just Right

13. For Happenstance Is A Real Thing

14. For Those Tiny, Nameless Moments

15. For When You Miss That One Person

16. For When Reminiscing Gets In The Way Of Reality

17. For The One Who Really Matters

18. For When Spiritual Attraction Triumphs Everything Else

19. For When You Wish Them The Best

20. For When The One You Want Is Never The One You End Up With

I truly cannot pick my favourite from these (and trust me, there’s so many more than these). I have to say that poetry has a way of uniting souls and making you realise that, perhaps, you’re not the only one who is going through something.

Let me know in the comments what your favourite love poem is!

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