Emerald Nails Are Trending On Instagram And We're All For It

Eesha Kokane , 06 Jan 2020

It’s a known fact that Instagram beauty trends spread like wildfire. Whenever I’m scrolling through Instagram and would come across something unique, the next day, I end up seeing it everywhere! (Remember when everyone was obsessed with rainbow nails?) Currently, what I’ve seen a lot of are emerald manicures. Ever since Christmas, emerald nails have taken over Instagram, and they’re not going away anytime soon. Here’s the manicure that started it all:

So if you’re planning to book a salon visit then have a look at these emerald manicures for some inspiration:

1. Paired With Golden Swoops

If you don’t want to paint your entire nail, then you can have with it and only paint half your nail and add some golden detailing.

2. Marbled Effect

Plain emerald looks excellent on its own, however, adding a marble effect on your nails will take your manicure to the next level.

3. Minimalist Touches

If you love to stick to classics, but you want just a little whimsy in your manicure, then you can add a little touch of a different colour. White looks super classy when it’s paired with emerald.

4. Abstract Art

If you like to go all out, then you turn your nails into mini canvases and add some abstract emerald designs.

5. Ombré Waves

Take ombré nails to the next level by adding some horizontal waves to your nails.

Which one of these emerald manicures will you try out next?

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