We are what we eat, don’t y’all agree with this? I swear on the days that I stick to just healthy meals, I feel lighter, more active and energetic. But there’s so much more that’s affected if you’re diet is off-balance. When I read about some of the signs that suggest I might be following a rather bad diet, I was kinda shocked. And so, I thought to share it with you guys so y’all can check for yourself if you’ve also been experiencing these symptoms.

1. Bad Memory

If you’ve been acting a lot like Miss/Mister Forgetful lately, chances are you’ve not been providing your body with a good diet. It is true that our memory is also affected by the stuff we eat. People who consume more fast foods and fatty foods tend to score much lower in thinking and memory tests as compared to those who avoid these foods. And so, if you’re looking to sharpen your memory, you need to make sure your diet is healthy and caters to your nutritional needs.

2. Always Cold

If you feel like grabbing a jacket all the time, even during summers, then it has a lot to do with your diet. The thyroid in our body regulates our body temperature. And a study revealed that low-carb diets can actually have a negative result on your thyroid and slow it down. This, in turn, makes you feel cold all the time, irrespective of the weather and season.

3. Always Hungry

If you’re someone who constantly fights the battle of ‘to binge or to not binge’ then you need to hear this out. Being always hungry is a major sign of following a bad diet. And, Cassie Bjork, R.D., spoke about this to Eat This Not That and explained,

Binging is your body’s way of responding to not getting the nutrients that you need—it’s a biochemical response and signal from your brain that you’re not giving it what it needs.

4.  Always Cranky

A lot of people tend to get ‘hangry’ or cranky about their cravings. This usually happens when they cut back on carbs and calories—resulting in irritation from the cravings. But that’s not all, your blood sugar also ends up decreasing which affects your mood swings. To avoid this, add carbs to your diet that’ll keep you full for a longer period of time.

The next time you feel your body is feeling and behaving a bit off-balance, we’d suggest you analyse your everyday diet and bring in required changes in it.

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