5 Nail Polish Colours To Try If You’re Bored Of Neutrals

5 Nail Polish Colours To Try If You’re Bored Of Neutrals

Eesha Kokane
Nail Polish Colours

I believe that nails are like little canvases that you can use to express your personality, so why paint them with boring colours, amirite? You can tell a lot about a person, by the way, their nails look. Are they type A, laidback, or quirky? Just have a look at their fingertips and you’ll find out! Even though I judge people by this peculiar philosophy, I too lose my creativity and settle for dull colours (there was a point of time when my nails were always coated with beige nail polish, yikes). So if you want to add more colour to your life (through your nails) then here are a few colours you should try out:

1. Classic Blue

Let’s start with the Pantone colour of the year, shall we? A bright blue shows that you’re committed to trying something new! So the next time you visit the salon, chose this electric nail polish colour!

2. Lilac

This sweet pastel shade is one of my favourites. If you’re scared to try out something bold then opt for this beautiful soft nail polish colour. I promise you, you be able to stop looking at your nails.

3. Emerald

Ever since Kylie Jenner uploaded her emerald Christmas manicure on her Instagram account, I’ve seen this nail polish colour on everyone’s nails after that. It’s chic, trendy and edgy.

4. Cool Gray

You may think that this nail polish colour is dull but it’s actually a mix between neutrals and dark colours. It will add an understated pop of colour to your nails.

5. Oxblood

I was a bit intimidated to try out this colour but once I got it on my nails I felt super sophisticated and grown-up. If you haven’t tried this colour then you have to!

Which colour are you excited to try out next? Let me know in the comments below.

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