For the longest time, I was loyal and faithful to my trusty black liquid eyeliner. I think I have used more than a few dozen black eyeliner tubes in the twenty-two years I have been alive, and I didn’t complain. However, along came this makeup trend that took over my Instagram feed, and I was in two minds about how I felt about it. White eyeliner has become super popular in the beauty community, and I’ve spotted multiple people rocking this trend. While black eyeliner will always be the makeup version love of my life, the reason why I’ve started to love white eyeliner is that it makes you look fresh. If you haven’t slept for eight hours, but you need something to make you look like you did, try white eyeliner, STAT. This colour helps your eyes look wider and more awake. If you want to try this fun trend here are some looks for some inspiration:

1. Fill In Your Lids

The first thing anyone will notice about you will be your eyes, thanks to the colour white. So if you want to try out this look, keep the rest of your makeup simple and go all out on your lids with some white eyeliner.

2. Little Wings

I usually wear this look every day but in black. When I came across this makeup look, I was immediately convinced to give white eyeliner a try.

3. Inner Corners

This is the makeup I would do if I didn’t get a good nights sleep. Adding white to the inner corners of your eyes will instantly make you look more awake and fresh.

Will you give white eyeliner a try? Let me know in the comments below.

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